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Screams from Japan!!
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How can we live through this modern world which has little hope
and light and is changing rapidly?
I'll write what I think and feel in an attempt to find some tips
little by little.

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The Reason of Occupy Wall Street
-- Japan and US are similar in a way...--December 4, 2011

Current contents are as follows:

- New Life


Note: This is written in a book style, and I may add, correct and
delete some contents in the future.
In addition, this was originally written in Japanese, and English version
was not translated word by word. The outline is almost same, but
there are some differences. Thank you.

- New Life--for your further trip


This is the sequel of New Life.

- Create your bright future with self-help tips!


In this category, I'll write mainly about topics such as: Positive thinking, psychology,
self-help, success philosophy, motivation control, drive, self-encouragement, mental shift etc.
Let's learn how to control mentality, and live strongly and brightly every day under this
super tough time!

- What's happening in Japan?


Finding noteworthy topics, opinions or comments, I will show you what's happening
in Japan now. You may not know what's actually happening in Japan recently. A lot of
problems are hidden.

- Accidentally Good!


This is like a blog, and I will write what I think and feel in daily life.


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